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Speed upgrade Offer

Level 3

Received a phone call regarding the free speed upgrade from nbn 50 to 100 for 12 months on the 21/05/24, said yes to it. But have yet been given a timeframe on when it's ready.

Level 3

You are not the only one. That is what nearly everybody else has been chatting about here.


The rest of us have been patiently (and some impatiently) waiting since February. Please advise when it happens for you.


"Send us a PM", and "wait till next billing cycle" is the usual response for these issues, and the thread simply pauses. Nothing from TPG officially. Even an apologetic email would be better than nothing to say hang in there, it is still happening.


'The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference'. Hey TPG, how about you show a little love, before we all abandon you and churn elsewhere?