Spiking Ping


Hi @Emeranik,


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Thanks for reaching out to us. In order to check what's affecting your connection, we need to run some diagnostic tests. However, we're unable to pull up a TPG account using your community details. Would you be able to PM us your customer ID or username along with your service address?


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community



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Hi Will,
Thanks for the prompt reply.
My Username is: XXXXX
Address of service:



Thanks for providing your details @Emeranik. We have edited your post to hide your account details for security and privacy purposes.


We have performed tests and we didn't find any network issues that would cause the high ping results you're getting. In addition, we're able to detect a good transfer rate of above 50Mbps from the modem.


In order for us to identify the root cause, can you send us a screenshot of the following tests:

  • speedtest results
  • ping
  • traceroute

It would be best if you run the tests using a hardwired computer to eliminate a possible WIFI-related issue. In addition, please disconnect all other devices except the one you're going to use for the tests.