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Standard ADSL2 speeds?

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 Normally i have to put up with 3mpbs when im super lucky with my tpg account, but lately i get 0.85mpbs.

Is this a joke or fairly standard now?

Internet speed test
Testing upload...


Mbps download


Mbps upload

Latency: 123 ms
Server: Sydney

Your Internet speed is very slow

Your Internet download speed is very slow. Web browsing should work, but videos could load slowly.


Hi @willdarmody,


Do you have a phone connected on the same socket where the modem is? If yes, you can try doing an isolation test by removing the phone and filter, leave the modem connected then check if your speed will improve. Make sure all other sockets are empty. Post your modem stats and speed test results.


Kind regards,


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No phone
Never had a handset connected

Hi willdarmody,


Are you connected thru ethernet or via wireless? If it's the latter, try running a speed test using a wired computer so we can compare the results.

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This is wired off peak
Level 1c
This is wireless off peak

Hi @willdarmod,


Your speed test results seems to be back to normal now. In the event that it starts to slow down again, pm me your TPG username so we can further investigate the issue.