Static IP Address

Level 2


Cannot get through to TPG customer support on line. Have been trying for days.... I need a static IP address at my residential address for buisness purposes so I can work remotely.

Can someone at TPG advise how I can actually interact with a human to facilitate this?

Level 3

Me too, URGENTLY, hopefully this is now resolved & we can get them.

Can someone in TPG please respond?


I need a static IP on my FTTB connection.

Level 2

Pretty sure they only offer static IP addresses on their business plans. I have been waiting for static IP's on residential plans for 5 years since they took them away as part of the adsl->NBN migration, but I doubt it will happen. Back then I started using a free Dynamic DNS service so that I could always connect to my home network using a domain name (ie etc) and I continue to use it.