Static ip address

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I know that residential plans only have a dynamic ip address. Is there any chance that when ADSL is decommissioned in a year or two that all the ip addresses allocated to ADSL users could be allocated to residential NBN users? It might mean a redesign of address allocations between NBN and RSPs.




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At this point, TPG do not have plans in offering Static IP address for residential account. Our NBN residential plan only offers Dynamic IP Address. .For Static IP Address there is only NBN Business plan.



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Hi sajal.

Why can't NBN residential plans have static ip address? I was done for ADSL plans.

Is it some restriction imposed by NBNCo?  Or a decision made by TPG?

I understand you have no plans now, but what about the future when there is no ADSL? What will happen to the ip addresses which are being used for ADSL?

Might be a question for engineering team.