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Suddenly email will not send via thunderbird

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Hi @dbird


If the TPG Email works fine via Webmail interface, then there's no issue with your TPG Email account.



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Except the fact that TPG is the ONLY account that stopped working, so I think perhaps there is more to it than you think. Thats OK though, I've come to not expect much of TPG support.

Took me many attempts to get my last issue sorted, you guys generally just want to cut as many corners as possible first and do as little as possible until your hand is forced. It will probably sort itself out before any help happens here.

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@dbird @BasilDV 

  1. If the TPG mailbox works then all problems lie with Thunderbird. I don't understand the logic of that claim. Surely the problem lies with the connection between Thunderbird and the TPG Mailbox and in that case, nothing much is settled by testing the Mailbox.

    I contacted Mozilla and got this response:
    "If the server settings you're using are those appearing in the screenshot, then you're using incorrect settings. Just make sure you configure Tbird using the correct server settings. TPG published insecure settings here

    Use the Manual Config option to setup the account, using the settings given there. If TPG offers secure (SSL/TLS) mail, get the right settings from them." BasilDV can you give them to us please?


    Thunderbird automatically sets these numbers for TPG: | port: 587 | connection security: STARTTLS (old install)/None (new install) | Authentication method: Normal password (old install)/NTLM (new install) |
    TPG posts at as — IMAP 143/POP3 110 and SMTP 25 far as I can tell, I have tried all these combinations without success.
    TPG, what is the correct setting for Thunderbird?


    Delete your mailbox and set up a new one. Do not do this unless you are prepared to lose all your existing emails because TPG offers no help with the consequences of following this advice. Two of us have made the mistake of following this advice and losing everything. And it did not fix anything for either of us!

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TPG's "help" here is no match for the help I've had from both Thunderbird and from my mail handling provider, Fastmail — the 3 of them are linked in this specific issue. TPG's mail settings are insecure and I have found that Thunderbird automatically tried to use security and I believe that was causing me grief. I have no idea why it happened suddenly but I am now moving my mail to Fastmail as a much better option.


This is what I got from Thunderbird, with my thanks. I hope it will be useful for you.


Use the following manual settings in Thunderbird:

Protocol: POP3 Incoming server name: Port: 110 SSL: None Authentication: Normal Password

SMTP Outgoing server name: Port: 25 SSL: None Authentication: Normal Password

TPG's settings are not in Thunderbird's database of known email service providers database, so it makes a guess using "common server names". You can't rely on those. Use the official settings given by TPG on their website, or as summarised above. Those settings should work in Thunderbird without any problem assuming all is well on TPG's side.

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I have same problem. Error message 'Connection to server was reset'

Rang support and they advised other Thunderbird users have same problem and no solution as at 27/7.

I applied the following changes and it WORKED:

Server settings > Server name= > Port = 110 > Connection security = None > Authentication method = Password transmitted insecurely

Outgoing Server > Port = 25 > Connection security = None > Authentication method = Password transmitted insecurely

BUT  I am concerned on the reference to 'transmitted insecurely'!!

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Yes, the same thing was raised by the Thunderbird support guy. Why haven't they moved to security by now? 

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Thank you. This has been driving me mad for 4 days and I was ready to call TPG (which is generally a last resort). Now I can send emails again !


We're glad to know that @phantasm1969,


In case you'll have queries in the future do not hesitate to create a new thread here in our community, Cheers!





Thank you. This has been driving me mad for 4 days and I was ready to call TPG (which is generally a last resort). Now I can send emails again !

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I have exactly the same THUNDERBIRD issue, same error messages. Worked fine until last week.. Tried all suggested TPG settings, called TPG technical Support twice, last call said an email expert would call me back. TPG Post Office works fine, as well as Outlook. Call back was supposed to be Thursday, now Saturday. Luckily I have the old outlook, but it cannot import the emails from Thunderbird. Any suggestions? Outlook and mobile phone work with exactly the same settings as Thunderbird, so why Thunderbird cannot receive or send thru same? How about some service TPG!!!!!