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Wi-fi drop outs constantly NBN 50

Level 2
Hi, we have used TPG NBN service for several years and has worked ok, relatively stable connections, few drop outs, speeds ok.
Over last 2 weeks however we have had constant drop outs. We have assumed this only happens in evenings when we are most active on the services (we are no often home to use these during the day). However have had some day drop outs too after testing it.
The wi fi connection drops out completely for minutes at a time, it is difficult to reconnect. Restarting modem or devices is not always successful. It can happen 2-3 times in an hour.
At this time, it makes the service barely useable if you watch anything. It is unreliable if you have to work on anything important or of value. So it is becoming problematic and unuseable.
Please investigate.

Hi @Anlilu08


We've created articles that will guide you on how to improve your home WiFi network.

If the issue persists, please send us with your Customer ID or username via private message so we can have our Technical team to contact and assist you.