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Super slow nbn - need help!

Level 3

Hoping someone can have a look into my service. Been having really slow speeds (at times unusable) for many months now.

Should also mention that our NBN service went offline about a month ago (was not due to weather - just happened). A fault was detected on the line, and after 2/3 days of no internet a technician came out. We are back online, however we still experience awful/unusable speeds intermittently.

Can someone please help restore our service to what it should be? I'm not one to complain, but it's frustrating to be paying for a service that isn't working as it should.


I'd appreciate some help. Thank you.


Hi @Alirah


We need to further check what's causing the slow speeds. Remote test showed that you have a stable connection. 


Here's an article that you can check out regarding Slow speed issue


Otherwise, let us know your most convenient time to perform troubleshooting along with you.