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Super slow speed and continual dropouts on FTTN recently

Level 2
Recently, over the last month or so we have experienced extreme low speeds at different times of 2- 5 mbps.. Reset modem and speed picks up for 5 mins and then drops again.. Next day no issue.. Then modem keeps dropping connection indiscriminately.. Next day, fine again...
In the past when we have these kind of issue we've called customer service and issue miraculously disappears for a period. Then starts creeping back in a month or so later.. At one time it was suggested that it was because i have several 'smart' devices attached to the Wi-Fi drawing on bandwidth.. But one day it's fine but another it isn't.. ??
Could this be a result of throttling or shaping?? Frustrated at inconsistency.. Could it be the Archer vdsl2 supplied, is more than 2 yrs old now and 'dying ' ??



Please send me your username , customer account number or mobile phone number attached to your service via Private Message so I can assist you.