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Slow NBN Speed Issue still not fixed after 6 months !!!!!

Level 3

I have still not had my internet speed issue fixed and it is 6 months since I first logged the request. Currently still only getting speed of 15 mbps when I am paying for 50. Technicians from NBN have been out and said they needed further parts to fiox the issue and I spoke to some techniciians who were fixing another unti in my comples, but not my issue. I am paying the last 6 months for a much higher speed than I am currently getting. I would expect contact from a case manager in the next few days, but I am working from home like many others and may not be able to respond to a call. If this is not actioned shortly I will seek assistance from the ombudsman as to my options. Thanks, Wayne



Please send me your username , customer account number or mobile number through Private Message so i can assist you.