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Switched to NBN 100 - But speeds have not changed?

Level 3

I switched to the NBN 100 plan today, I was previously on the NBN 50. However, now that the plan has switched I'm still getting the same speeds as I did on the NBN50 plan. So thats about 52 Mbps download, and 13 Mbps upload. According to line speed tests (done by TPG) I should be able to achieve close to 99 Mbps download and 40Mbps upload, but its not happening.


I'm wondering if the issue is linked to my modem router as I'm not using the TPG provided router. Rather, I'm using the TP Archer VR2800. Is there a setting or something I need to change in the modem to enable the higher speeds?




Hi @mbiondo


Let us have your TPG customer ID or username via private message and we'll take a look on your account to see as to why you are not getting the speed offered by your new plan. 

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