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Switching modem connections inside

Level 2

We currently have our TPG NBN modem set up in the upstairs bedroom, however we tried moving it to the connection port we have downstairs, but the internet doesn’t work when we tried this. Can you move the modem from one connection to a another inside your house?  


We we would prefer the modem downstairs as it is currently in my daughters bedroom near her bed, and we found that the modem was getting covered by her bed cover when she is asleep, and this could potentially cause the modem to overheat and cause a fire!


Can you please let me know ASAP how we can set up the modem in the other area of the house where a second connection is currently.


Thank you

Leanne Hope


Level 11

The NBN connection box and the TPG router should just move as a pair to the other outlet.


What type of connection do you have?

If you have FTTP or HFC there is a special connection for the NBN box

FTTN and FTTB (apartment) has just the router. FTTC has a NBN box as well.


Nothing should be plugged into the upstairs outlet. No filter/splitter is needed.

If it doesn't work downstairs, take it back up and confirm still ok.

The downstairs outlet might be disconnected.


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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you Smiley Happy



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