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Sync/speed/packet loss

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Sorry Shane a powerline extender is not using WIFi it is as good as a direct LAN connection. It’s a hard wired system. I think the problem is with the modem you supply it is not cut out for high demand devices. This is the second one you have sent me and it runs hot all the time.

Hi @alakev,


Thanks for clarification. Perhaps I can arrange one of our Technicians to call you for further test and investigation. Can you drop me your best contact number and preferred time today?


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community.



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I am having the exact same issues as @treffo

I am having constant disconnects / reconnects throughout the day and also during the night when no-one is using the Internet or no devices are connected.

I have had 3 technicians come out to the house over a period of a few months. The 2nd tech replaced all the wiring from the sidewalk into the ceiling.

The modem can sometimes remain connected for a few hours and sometimes only a few minutes. Connection speeds are fine but packet loss is extraordinarily high.

In the past 1 hour there have been over 5 disconnects and reconnects.

Not sure how I would get this done but could my node be changed at the pillar? This is becoming ridiculous.

Hi @shonfuture


The issue is now raised to our Engineering Team for further investigation. 


Please ensure to leave your modem connected and turned on for remote testing purposes. 


Kindly await feedback via phone call or SMS.