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TPG - Internet speed is lowest after Moving home

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I have been with TPG for for like 6 months before we moved, we used NBN the 50Mbps plan. It was no problem at all.
After moved in to new home and i am using the same 50Mbps plan , the internet speed is way unstable. Modem router placed in the living room and we sit next to it, the tv is next to it. But I experienced too slow speed and had to restart the modem very often. Even after restart the modem, the speed still unstable. I have read many related articles here but still no luck.
We only connected the wifi to a TV, a laptop, and 2 mobile phones. I am thinking of changing provider if the problem cannot be solved. Customer care just troubleshooted the speed by restarting the modem, but again after 2 hours the speed was like 2 to 5 Mbps. I saw the same problems raised by few after moving home , why is this a consistent problem from TPG. why I am have to pay amoun for 50Mbps plan whereas all i get is 5Mbps maximum at any part of the day. Each time when i restart the modem it goes upto 50Mbps but again same 5Mbps in another 2 hours. Why ?


Hi @abdulbaree,


We recommend having a read and following the steps from this article: Troubleshooting NBN Speed


If the issue persists, send us a private message and we'll help get your speeds back on track.