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TPG - Mitel ph unable to connect to TeleworkerGW

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I have a Mitel 5320 in Teleworker mode that I had conencted with TPG at my old premises, but having moved to a new premises (including the router, a Ubiquiti Dream Machine) its unable to connect.

Both accounts are NBN on HFC. The only difference between them is the new premises is straight NBN (no VLAN2 for the PPPoE link) and the old one had a home phone provided, even though I didn't use it, and needed VLAN2 specified for the PPPoE link.

I've enabled SIP ALG, then disabled again, checked the firewall ports, but don't understand why the same phone connected to the same router and the same ISP 2 streets away can have such a difference between them. I can see the traffic getting to our companies end by monitoring the Palo Alto firewall, but the ACK is not being recieved by my phone at my end.


UNLESS TPG are actively blocking SIP traffic to my service, because I didn't select a Voice bundle which requires that I spend an extra $100 for the modem (that I don't need)

Internet connectivity is otherwise perfect in all respects.



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Hi @96ghia . HFC connection uses VLAN2 setting whether you connect a phone or not.

Unless you have changed to a BYO data only plan or Superfast/Ultrafast for FTTP/HFC which don't use vlan tagging.

According to its data sheet, your UDM doesn't have built-in voip support, so you can only connect an ip phone or ATA. The Mitel 5320 manual has no networking info so I don't see how it works anyhow. But, I've just seen a youtube video on setting up Teleworker (an undocumented feature). Does this need to be done again at your new location?

Teleworker function might not necessarily use SIP. The phone connects to a phone server at your company. You should be able to use some monitor function on UDM to check for two way traffic on the phone port.

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Hi David!


The new connection was Data only, and the one at the old house was Data + Voice (even though I wasn't using the analog ports on the modem)


I actually in the team that runs the Mitel phone system and the Network at my organisation :-) So I was able to monitor the inbound firewall at the far end, and could see that packets were getting there from my end, but the return path was being blocked (nothing was coming back in to the UDM from the far end)

As a test I opened up everything to the phone, and then also tried briefly to port forward everything to the phone, with no change.


The Mitel is an IP Phone, and I have been using it in Teleworker mode (where it connects to a vMBG on our perimeter firewall) successfully at the original premises for a year. Once the mode and the endpoint IP are programmed in to the phone, it remembers those settings in firmware, until they are changed or the phone factory reset. Its been a fantastic feature for working from home in the last year!


As the new house had the data only plan, rather than one with voice as well, the helpdesk got me to change the UDM from vLAN2 to no vLAN, and the internet was up and running straight away.


When I asked them to unblock any phone or SIP traffic, or anything else that would prevent the return path, they said they would not unless I went with a Phone bundle, which would require me to re-sign under a new account, and pay all the fees again. I ended up changing over the Aussie Broadband later in the day, and its all now working fine.


Thanks for your