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TPG NBN Broadband not working since 8th Jan

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Hi All,


My TPG broadband internet suddenly stopped working on the 8th of Jan. After multiple calls to TPG tech support etc, its still not resolved as of the 17th of Jan. A TPG technician came to my home last week and after some checking concluded there was no hardware fault and the issue had to be at software end. Since then I've not heard back from TPG about the status of resolution and everytime I call their switchboard, I have to explain the issue all over again.


Today I called TPG and asked them to cancel my connection and guess what, they want a 30 day notice so they can charge me for another 30 days for a service they are not providing currently. I find this quite appalling in terms of customer service. It sets a new low in my view. As I'm working from home, I cannot explain the loss of productivity and stress this has caused due to the lack of internet and the zero progress in resolution inspite of multiple followups.


TPG, I didnt expect your support mechanism to be this bad but if you are going to charge me for services not provided, this will be escalated along multiple fronts.






Hi @pseudeds1


Thanks for raising this to our attention and we apologise for the inconvenience.

We'll raise this to our Accounts team and you'll be notified via Email or phone call for further updates.


Stay safe.