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TPG Renegging on offer

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I recently took on the ultrafast package promotion at a price of $84.99. I told them I will me moving house in a few weeks and the Agent assured me this will transfer with the same cost and speed to my new residence. Upon requesting a relocation I was told that TPG will not honour this agreement and I would need to pay full price. They have reviewed the voice recording and escalated to their review team but are now delaying making a decision. I have informed them of my requirement for internet for work purpose but they are not expediting the case. I have made multiple calls to follow up with the and when promised a call back they have not responded. They have also informed me I can terminate my account if I wish but need to give them 30 days notice. I have been a long term customer but they have no problem reneging on an agreement and are effectively claiming no fault. Very poor long term customer focus

Hi @John_A


Certainly not the type of service we're aiming to provide and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. 


I've managed to locate one of your accounts and I believe you are pertaining to your service in Wheelers Hill.


Furthermore, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been assigned as a sole point of contact and will continue to reach out and work towards a resolution. 


I'd recommend responding to the email from the officer for direct assistance required.