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TPG Speed Tests - Two vastly different speeds

Level 2
How can my TPG internet speed (NBN) be simultaneously two vastly different speeds, according to two different TPG speed test methods? The TPG app suggests everything is fine and dandy at 27.22mbps. The TPG speed test website says it’s 1.1mbps (which is more consistent with the constant streaming buffering I’m getting). And if the app doesn’t show a speed issue, you have no way of lodging the problem through the app (far more convenient than phone calls, waiting, getting transferred to different people 20 times). I reported the same issue last week and it was supposedly fixed.
* Screen shots and links kept for evidence.
Level 14

Hi @KristaC . What NBN speed plan are you on (NBN25, 50, ...) and what connection type? 

If your connection is FTTB/FTTN, you can use the DSL stats to check the physical speed on the phone line.

When you use the speed test website, is it on ethernet computer or wifi device?