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Increased speed through overprovisioning

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Hi - I saw several articles on this subject and it seemed TPG is part of this 15% uprate initiative by the NBN.

I restarted my connection (cycled power on the NCD and the modem), but have seen no change in speed.

Do I have to do something else or is this not in place through TPG?

(I am on FTTC and currently on a 100 plan and generally get around 92 MB/s down as reported by OOKLA, with a great latency of 5 ms).

Always want more!


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Still at 94 Mbps with ping 5 ms. At 12.20 am Friday morning.

Enjoyed the speed boost while it lasted.

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Hi there             

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you 



Kind regards

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I would also like to know the answer to this question.


“NBN Co’s overprovisioning of the downlink component of wholesale fixed line speed tiers by around 10-15 percent, where possible (with the exception of the new Home Ultrafast [gigabit] speed tiers) will be completed at all 121 points of interconnect (POIs) to the NBN by 30 July 2020,” an NBN Co spokesperson told iTnews.


“Retail service providers (RSPs) were advised last week of the scheduled completion of this work by July 30, and RSPs will need to implement a minor technical modification to their respective networks to pass on this capacity and speed enhancement to their customers.”


Have TPG implemented the "minor technical modification" yet, and if not, by when will this be completed?

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PM is sent


thank you 

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sent a PM in regards to tfhis also..




Hi @denist, can you also private message me? To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community

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Hi - is anything happening here? I am still interested in this topic.

My POI is Frenchs Forest NSW. Connection via FTTC and my max data rate advised by TPG is 109 Mbps.


HI @robertjw


Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by TPG. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.


Even though you are getting a sync speed of 109 Mbps Downstream, this doesn't mean that you'll get this number when you run a test (Speed test, etc.).


Are you still experiencing a low Download speed at night? What time does it usually occur?


The only TPG username/CID that we have on file is your Email account, could you provide your TPG NBN account details via PM to me?



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Hi Basil. Yes, aware of all of the possible network restrictions at my house. I am using Cat 6 cables and Gigabit switches throughout.

I dont expect 109 Mbps, but I am interested in the subject of overprovisioning and what it will provide, as a number of people are. Ken-C seemed to lose interest in going any further with me.


The speed I see is currently (6.15 pm 17/08) as expected, 92 Mbps and 4-5 ms ping.

Slow times are in the evening usually, but for example last night it resolved around 10 pm. 


The email account (robertjw) which I am required to pay for is a legacy of some confusion at TPG from years ago. I gave up trying to resolve it with TPG staff and so have had to pay each year.




We've edited your post as it contains your account information, which may compromise your account security.


Currently, all of our services are stated in our website, but we appreciate your input and will forward it to our Management.


We'd like to help in resolving the issue with the speed, please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted and will raise this with our Tech team for further investigation.