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TPG email addresses are moving to The Messaging Company???

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I also tried this morning. Finally got a code but was then told it was invalid. Tried 5 times and now can’t access their website
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I just transferred two emails over. Got code and message that transfer was successful.

But seriously not impressed about this. This is my main email for so many logins.

An email address is an integral part of a internet plan. 

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I have multiple Aliases that I use frequently and want to know how they will be handled.

I am not happy about the abrupt short notice given for this change, and there is NO support contact of any kind on the messaging company website.  This whole thing is very very disruptive. 

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People need to know what's happening with email aliases asap. They are used to create all sorts of online accounts eg, with health funds, doctors surgeries, banks, Netflix, MyGov and Medicare, Facebook etc etc. The list goes on and on.

We need to know if our aliases will also be transferred, and the secondary question of will we be required to pay for the "core" email as well as each alias, or will one payment cover all.

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What is happening with email aliases???



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Hmm, Looks like I will have to take my whole bundle elsewhere, unless TPG are going to give a discount for  the loss of email facilities.

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Been with the company since 1991 and i pay a seperate fee for the email address, I know what they can do with their service shortly...

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Not really pleased that an essential service in terms of general internet use is being outsourced, and for potentially $4 a month with no movement on TPG's plan pricing.. so we get charged an extra $50 a year for an essential service and are expected to suck it.. you might be seeing a migration of a different kind soon TPG.

I'd like to meet the peanut that came up with this genius idea..
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I am still trying to receive my verification code but no luck.  TMC's verification area times out but I never receive their email.  I have even gone into email settings to ensure I receive correspondence from TheMessagingCompany.  Also unable to log a query on their Contact Us tab - not good so far and not very encouraging as to how this is going to migrate and operate.

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This kinda reminds me of Microsoft saying your computer isn't good enough for Windows 11, so go buy a new one if you want to keep using our services after 2025!

I think there will be a mass exodus from the TPG Group of RSPs, and I'll sure be one of them. Can you imagine Telstra, Optus or Aussie doing anything this stupid?