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TPG email addresses are moving to The Messaging Company???

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So this affects multiple ISP's owned by TPG.  TPG took over iinet in September 2015 and we've all started recieving emails telling us to transfer to The Messaging Company by 15/9/2023.  So just over 4 weeks notice is all we get.  Pretty poor customer service in my book.
A company search on TMC shows that it was registered on 13/7/2023.
Whirlpool forum threads on this issue have gone nuts.  To say that people are not happy would be underestimating the fury out there.

In the short term I will attempt to transfer my emails to The Messaging Company and then comsider my options bearing in mind the dozens and dozens of logins for Government, utilities, subscriptions, software, patreon, banking.
When you sign up with an ISP the expectation is that email is provided as part of the package.  Maybe I was naive to think that this would always be the case but then I am not alone in that view.

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The email from TPG support states that 18/09/2023 is the drop dead date for your email account migration.

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I've been a TPG customer for over 15 years and I have generally been very happy with TPG support and service. On the occasions that I was pissed off enough to consider moving to another RSV, the thing that kept me with TPG was my TPG email address which has been part of my on-line persona for over 15 years.
BUT, after the day in September 2024 when I get the first bill from The Messaging Company, I will probably no longer be a TPG customer.
Its worth pointing out that The Messaging Company has no information on likely costs of hosting my email, aside from saying it will be really competitive. So we have no idea of how much extra it will cost, especially if you have alias accounts.
Some really smart but abysmally IT Industry ignorant senior manager has decided TPG can save money if they no longer have the hosting and support costs for email. Yup, and they'll save even more when they start losing customers in bulk.


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In regards to Aliases not being transferred to TMC and having to transfer the Aliases individually, this is the message I received today regards to the topic/PM

“When you transfer your main email, any aliases will transfer too.”

So who knows what is going on!!
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Looks like a new ISP coming up for us once this fiasco is sorted...goodbye TPG..

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So I asked TPG to clarify my previous communication re Aliases.

It appears there is confusion with “Slave” and “Alias” meanings.

“The additional email address is what we call your slave email account while an alias is an email address that serves as a nickname identity for your master or slave email account. All the emails sent to your alias email address will be redirected to the same mailbox as the master or slave account.”

“We believe what we have advised on the Community are intended for Slave emails” - meaning each “Slave” account will individually need to be transferred over to TMC.

“Associated “aliases” will migrate over with the main email address.”

Hope this helps (fingers crossed “Aliases” are transferred over to TMC with the Main TPG email address)

Dear All,


Just to give a quick answer to some of the Alias and Slave/Sub Account question.


In order to differentiate the 2, please see definitions below.


A Slave email is a separate account that has it's own inbox.


An alias is an email address that serves as a nickname identity for your master/main email or slave email account. All the emails sent to your alias email address will be redirected to the same mailbox as the master or slave account.


Q: I have a couple of aliased email address, will those aliases also be migrated?

A: Yes, associated aliases will migrate over with the mail email address.


Q: Do I need to migrate every slave/sub email registered under my primary email account?

A: Each slave email address will require the opt-in processes separately to start with the migration.



@Julie_k  we have yet to reach out to everyone to notify them of the migration.

If you have not received the migration email yet and you wish to register you can directly got to Landing page: Email address (


@tylerbrock  and @karenjh if you are still having trouble with the OTP, please send us a PM and we'll have our team check.


@Ascidian99 if you have an email domain hosting service, please email


Answers to some of the other questions can be found on TPG email addresses | TPG Support & Frequently Asked Questions | The Messaging Company


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Joseph_D - thanks for your note.  On Sunday 6 Aug I contacted TPG via Facebook message and they advised they will look into it (no response received).  I have also now managed to log a query to TMC who have emailed me with the usual suggestions such as check junk/spam mail, etc - yes all done in the first instance and I am checking emails also via webmail to make sure they're not stuck there (they're not).  As I am receiving emails from TMC it would appear that this registration process they have set up is for some reason blocking my email address.  TMC is evidently looking into this as this is the message received from them yesterday: 

"Well that's definetly not the experience we want you to be having. Let me check with my colleagues tomorrow and see if we get to the bottom of this. I will be in touch when i have more information.

Kind Regards,
The Messaging Company"

So at 6.00pm I have no response from TMC so it would be appreciated if TPG could also do some querying as to why my verification email is being "blocked" (or what).  As stated I am getting emails from TMC so it's the verification system that's the issue.  BTW I have just again tried to register but after 20 minutes no verification email has been received......again.


@karenjh Send us a PM and we'll have someone assist.


How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community



Joseph D

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Thanks, but after more than 20 years as a customer, the uncertain and likely short timeframe provided is nonsense.. I hear 11 Sept is potentially the suspension date. I have no interest in moving to the new provider. 


I am already taking steps to move away from my tpg eml but want to know what date the suspension will kick in. It is a lot of work to do this and if I have a longer window I want to avail myself of it.