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TPG email outage again or just me?

Level 3

Not able to access my email with my email client or direct from Post Office.

Tried Post Office and got

SQLSTATE[42000] [1203] User atmail already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

Seems like the same problem as a few weeks ago!

Level 2

see my post from 12:49pm today, I have the same issue

Level 3

Same here, 'NO REPORTED ISSUE".   Joke !

Level 3

TPG you are becoming an unreliable JOKE!!!!!

Level 3

I taking bets to see who can guess the closest time that email will be working again.   TPG are saying 3.00pm today.  I reckon midnight tonight!!

 Winner gets to work all weekend to catch up on the emails lost/not answered on Friday!  Smiley Sad AGAIN!

Level 3

Same issue here

I reported it over an hour ago - have not got back to me yet

Nor have they updated their Service Status page YET

Level 3

last time it was 3 days

Level 3
Beyond a joke...still waiting for TPG to reply to me about the last fiasco.Time for Ombudsman!!
Level 3

They have finally updated their Status page - pity it is full of Bullsh1t

They claim the error started just before 1:00pm

I have written confirmation from them (email) that they were aware of the issue 40 mins prior

By the way TPG - still waiting for you to get back to me on issues I rasied as part of the last outage.

I wonder how that class action is coming along ?




Hi All. Were able to confirm that there is currently a known issue with our email service which is now under investigation by our Network Engineering Team. We'll provide you an update when it is available, we apologise for any inconvenience.