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TPG not cancelling account - going to a non-existent "Account Specialist"

Level 2
Level 2

What a bunch of crap! On the phone support 10 times, the same thing happens. I get quickly put on to an "Account Specialist" - then I stay on hold forever. I waited for upwards of 2 hours each time to get in touch.


I tried to call, again the same thing - "let me put you onto an Account Specialist", and swiftly puts me on hold, again forever.


I've emailed them at - I'm sure this goes nowhere either.


I will be cancelling my card, calling bank, and ACCC for the absolutely non-existent customer service.

Level 4

By emailing to, you would have provided a written notice to TPG. Give 30 days for something to happen. If your account keeps getting debited, then you may proceed with your complaints.