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TPG worst customer Service internet taking ages

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I relocated to a new place and wanted to close to TPG  and go to a better service provider and was put through to retentions team who assured me that TPG would provide the same service as to what I was getting from Telstra and retained saying that they would have a tech appointment in 10 days which was a lie and provide me ‘ False’ Information to retain me and when I called after 10 days to enquire I was told a different story saying that it may take up to 30 days to get a NBN tech appointment and the 10 days was just a rough prediction.


Managed to get a tech who came and told me a different story that there is issue with the cabling and went away without doing anything.  This was not the case all the cables were properly connected and he didn’t look well enough . They asked me to call TPG to reschedule when I called TPG back they said we have to wait and then they are giving me an appointment for which I have to wait another month.  


It’s been more than one month and I still don’t have the internet!!!  Which TPG promised me when trying to retain . I have spoken to 5 different people  and no one can provide an answer to this solution. Every time I call they tell me the issue is escalated and after calling a few times only once my call was returned No one is helping me with my internet! You guys are the worst - worst at customer service, worst at solving any problems.

Worst of all TPG is charging me regularly for internet that I am not using . Apparently TPG have a policy that the billing will continue  up until the connection is restored in the new premises so which me it could be months before I have internet and TPG will charge me for it without fail. I was told that I wouldn’t be charged and I was still charged and when I told to reverse this  and provide me a refund they are saying it cant be done as the will be done when the new service is active so they are holding to my money and not providing a service.


I asked them to provide me an email address for complaints and the email address that they doesn’t work  and the people to whom I spoke to say every time I call they say that they will escalate but nothing happens as I am not even sure  if a formal complaint on my behalf.


I now have no choice but to speak to AFCA or Telecommunications Ombudsman directly about your complaint or lack of complaint dispute resolutions as you guys don’t even put through a senior complaints resolution officer to help

I have to spend my own money in COVID time so I can work because TPG is unable to provide me internet which I’ve paid for.

You guys are literally the worst and make false promises to retain customers and don’t even fulfil them


Hi @franc1sb 


Thanks for raising this to our attention and we apolgise for the inconvenience.


We were able to locate your account using your community details and will raise your complaint to our Customer relations team to come up with a reasonable resolution for your case.

A case manager will be in touch with you via Email or phone call for further discussion.