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Terrible connection speed

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I have bought a new modem and a router as on of the moderators suggestion. I set up the devices and my speed is still extremely usntable. I used to be able to consistently hit download speeds of up to 2MB/s 5-6 months ago. Nowadays my maximum speed seems to be around 1.6MB/s. And that's if im lucky. I don't get what changed. I didn't do anything to my connection, so why has my speed decreased this badly? My username is blaze7.

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In my opinion,

Running speed test using ookla's speed test is more accurate. it will provide you the accurate result specially when only 1 device is connected via Ethernet Cable and run speed test. Hope it helps.

You might need Mod's assistance to check your connection as well.

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Same results unfortunately. 


Hi @kingdom2345


It appears that you are in contact with our Helpdesk email support regarding your slow speed concern. They have arranged a call back to troubleshoot this issue with you. Please expect the call today.