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Thanks TPG for wasting me for an hour

Level 1d

I don't use a cell phone right now I just use a computer
I use a computer to test the internet speed
Sometimes even lower
Not even 100KP
I think this is causing me to think that the Internet is broken.

Level 1d


Level 1d

why not reply


Hi @yafei253699,


Can you post a photo of the current modem/router status lights?




Level 1d

This network
Slow to send messages
Even reading has obstacles

1000KPS? Normal?
Why aren’t even half of my test results even lower than 100
Then two months engineers always told me that there was no problem
My network is normal and my problem?

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The router is all normal because the network speed is too slow.


Are you able to post the screenshot of the speed test that you've done? Are we using the computer connected via wired as well?


Your modem is receiving a good sync speed. If you are able to look into the modem interface, you'll see the information. You'll also find the session on your modem if it's really dropping or not.

Level 1d

No engineering staff has ever been
Every time it's a phone call and then there's no problem. Every time

I will not use screenshots
But I use wired and then connect the computer

This network is often kept low

All of a sudden high and low, no way to stabilize?

The previous staff member said on the phone because of interference from radio waves.
Then tell us after testing

Result No message No phone No improvement No help

Every time I contact the phone, I want to observe for three days. I want to wait for three days.

It takes one and a half hours to make a phone call

One service waits three days

One improvement must wait three days

It was two months later


Hi @yafei253699,


I ran initial tests on your service and it is currently connected for 1d 21h 14m with a good connection speed on the line.


Can you try to follow this troubleshooting steps Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home


In case it is still the same I will arrange a call from one of our Technicians tomorrow for further test and investigation.