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Thunderbird ver 78.1.1 and above Troubleshooting


Thunderbird Version 78.1.1 or higher


This article is intended to help investigate and troubleshoot common issues using Thunderbird version 78.1.1 or higher. Below steps can help if your emails do not load or having issues with send and receive.


  1. How to check the version of Thunderbird.
  • Go to "Help" located on the menu bar at the top then click "About thunderbird"
  • This will show you what version of Thunderbird you are using



  1. How to setup Thunderbird Version 78.1.11 or higher.
  • From the tools Menu, select  "Account Settings"




  • Then click "Add mail account"

  • Other way to set up is to select ‘Local folders’ then click ‘Email’



  • You will get another screen to setup your existing email address. Enter your full name, email address and TPG account password.




  • After putting your email information, click "Configure Manually"



  • Another box will pop-up. Select "IMAP" or "POP" as the Protocol of your account



  • Below are the setup for IMAP and POP3 type:

    • Incoming Mail server

    Server Name:

    Port: 143 (IMAP) and 110(POP)

    Username: TPG Username

    Connection Security: NONE

    Authentication Method: Normal Password / Password, Transmitted Insecurely


    • Outgoing Mail server

    Server Name:

    Port: 465 (IMAP) and 587/25 (POP3)

    Username: TPG Username

    Connection Security: NONE

    Authentication Method: Normal Password / Password, Transmitted Insecurely





  • Click " Re Test" then "Done"
  • If there is a pop up box that says “Warning”, put a tick on the box that says “I understand the risks” and click “done”.



  • You are all set.
  • In case that the setup above did not work, you may call TPG support and dial 13 14 23 (option 2 + 2) for technical assistance.
  1. If you encounter ‘incoming mail’ and ‘outgoing mail’ issue, below are the following reasons:
  • This happens if you previously have the older Version 68.1.1 then suddenly updated to new Version 78.1.1 or higher.
  • Please be advised that this is a known issue with the new version released by Thunderbird.
  • Make sure to check both Server settings and Outgoing mail server on the ‘account settings’ tab.



  • Please check the above instructions for the correct setup of Thunderbird version 78.1.1 or higher.
  • If you prefer to use the connection security such as "STARTTLS or SSL", you may use the older version instead.


Important note:  Please be advised not to delete the account from Thunderbird as it would also remove the folders created in Thunderbird, especially if email is POP3 type.



Level 3

This isn't an acceptable solution for me.  I don't fully understand the risks to agreeing to no security, but I understand enough that it will compromise my 2 factor authentication with banking, identity etc.  I don't know how to get the Older version as I am setting up a new computer and Ver 78 is what loads and in future there won't be the older version.


1) Will TPG have a fix for this?

2) Is there another email client that will allow security on TPG email?


I've been a customer since TPG was a dial-up, before ADSL, but if I can't get secure email, I will have to take my account elsewhere.



Level 2

This is not a solution, but a very poor work around.


TPG support should not advocate using unsecured connections.  That is just sad.


Thunderbird has deprecated out of date connection protocols - which TPG still use.


The proper solution would be to have TPG update their mail server to support the latest protocols.


A less worse work around is to enable the use of outdated protocol connections (still bad) in ThunderBird so you can get TPG emails.



This is what has happened and how to change in ThunderBird config to get it to work with TPG


This is where I found the information






Level 3

I agree with Digby, the recommendation provided is not good - the option he suggested is a better compromise.

Here is the same official recommendation from Mozilla:


I too would like to know when TPG's security will be updated and hopefully we will be notified at that time and can reset this compromise setting.

Level 2

login to server   with username xxx failed

Level 2

I agree with the other members' comments above.  When is TPG going to upgrade the security to a current standard.  For me, a TPG user since about 1996, I am very disappointed that the usual professional standards that TPG have displayed in the past are not shown now.

How can we escalate this critical issue?


Hi All,


The Thunderbird upgraded their TLS to 1.2 and TPG currently supports 1.0 and 1.1.



Right now, no update yet on when our email will upgrade to TLS to 1.2. We will provide an update here in our community when it becomes available.


You can visit this link for more info:





Level 2

Honestly disappionted about this. I use Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird for a Reason! To keep somesort of a distance from Googles SPY's.
It's a Kick in the Bum, from Tpg to compromise, MY Execlent Sercurity set-up! 
(10+ years, ZERO Hacks), (Even with a HUAWEI modem)!

Level 3

I see that TPG also advocates NO SECURITY on the Outlook set up, as well as Thunderbird.  Very poor performance! 

I am looking for an email client that TPG can provide security on.  Is there any such beast? or is it just too easy to tell the customer to take all the risk.  The advice on Whirlpool is "don't use TPG."

Level 2

There's been a month since the last post on this thread. Has there been a solution provided by TPG or just the work around?