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Turrella - No Internet

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Its been 17/02/2020 since my ADSL2 has stopped working. 

How much longer do i have to wait for it to be fixed?


Surely it shouldn't take that long to fix. 


If i don't have internet by Monday 09/03/2020 i will go to Ombudsman. 


Thank you


Hi @timli1234


TPG relies on the Telstra's infrastructure to deliver our ADSL2 services. These infrastructures are not fault free and on occasion, may be affected by unplanned outages which can subsequently affect the ADSL2 service we deliver to you.


We recommend to our customers to check our service status page for any outage update.


Telstra have indicated that due to the complexity of the work required to resolve the outage in your area that they now aim to restore service on or before 17/Mar/20. This outage is affecting multiple ADSL services as of current and rest assured this issue is being given utmost priority. Your assigned Engineer is monitoring the account and will be in touch as soon as a new update becomes available.