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Unable to access a certain website

Level 2



I can not access some websuites they just time out and yet I can access things fine from a hotspot. This is the same regardless of machine or browser. I ran a tracert and it is dying down stream of me trying to resolve the URL.


I need access to this site for work.


Hi @Timeframederek.


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Please confirm the troubleshooting you have performed, if you have not yet, please check this Troubleshooting Browsing Issues on Specific Webpages, let us know how it will go. 


If the issue still persists, send me a Private Message with your account details (Username/Customer ID) together with the address on file also include your contact details and preferred time.


Level 15

Hi @Timeframederek . With your computer connected to NBN, do ping and tracert to a website that doesn't work. Connect your computer to the hotspot and do ping and tracert again to same website. Post the results in your reply. It will show where routing error is.