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Unstable connection with significantly lower max line speed post NBN work

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I have had a slower line speed and connection stability over the past couple of weeks. In some cases losing internet connection all together for extended periods. I called support on 1 October when my internet was out. As I was on the phone an NBN technician randomly rang my doorbell to check if I had internet as they noticed the node had a bunch of lines that were damaged and mine was one of them. I dont think this has been fixed and it should be as I need a stable connection to work from home. I am not the only household affected in the area


My max line speed has always been 140mbps. It is now down to 50mbps so something is clearly wrong at the node and not on my premise. Why isnt TPG actioning this fix with NBN - what is the process for this circumstance as this is unfair. The NBN technician that attended my house said it was poor workmanship on the node as someone had been working on it. This needs to be sorted.


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line.

The modem shows that it's been stable for more than 2 days now and the connection speed that it is getting is within the specification of your NBN50 plan.


If you expect to reach the 100 Mbps connection speed, then you may upgrade to the NBN100 Superfast plan. How to Change NBN Plan Online via TPG My Account?


If you are using a WiFi connection and experiencing dropouts or disconnection, then signal interference is causing the issue. We've created some articles that will help you improve your home network.

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Apologies, I dont think you quite read my message.


1. My max line speed has gone from 140mbps to 70mbps. So even if I wanted to, a 100mbps plan is now unachievable. I am less than 150m from the node. My termination at the node has been damaged and I have since had a few rop outs// /

2. An NBN tech randomly knocked on my door as I was calling TPG tech support (when i lost internet connection) to ask me if my internet was out - proceeded to  tell me that my line had been damaged at the node and fiddled with by someone. For all I know it could have been him as he then proceeded to trace my line to the node.

3. TPG should be investigating this with NBN to be fixed and terminated properly. It is clear my line is damaged and now relatively unstable.