Unstable nbn

Level 2
My nbn connection has been dropping out multiple times a day, each time it recovers itself after a few minutes.
There is no indication on what time it tends to disconnect at. When it disconnects, 8 out of 10 times the NBN blackbox has all 4 lights on but my modem's internet light is off. From modem log, I'd see the log of `get ip xxx for domain(uni-v1.tpg.com.au)` and/or `Register to server address xxx`. The other 2 times I'd see 3 solid lights + flashing last light on nbn box, and internet light off on modem.
Can someone please help? It's very annoying as I work from home most of the time.

Hi @dinternet


We'd like to run some tests on the line and see what's causing the dropouts.


Kindly provide us your account details via PM.