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[Update] TPG Email Outage

Level 1a

We were told the backlog of e-mails would come through in the last few hours but I am missing a stack of e-mails, when are they coming?

Level 1b

Well tpg what is happening please? I am receiving emails on my iPhone, also receiving through webmail but still not receiving emails through windows live mail on my home computer!?!!!!

how can this be? Why so long after such a long protracted outage? I rang tpg today and was able to speak to someone who said that this proble not receiving emails on my computer was still due to the outage! I checked my password and user name etc and all is correct!  So what is the problem with the computer?


You are really polarising people with your lack of information or rather incorrect information judging by the forums of many affected and frustrated customers!


Please  get your act together and FIX THE PROBLEM in full as really you have had more than enough time.


I will seriously be reviewing my service with you and hope you will not have the audacity to charge me for the 1300 I have had to make to find out what is going on!!












Hi @guyh1963 and @Joan,


Some customers are slowly getting their mails.


Are you able to check if the emails are still not coming?




Level 3

The funny thing in all this was that I did call and they gave me a ticket number - took my mobile number so that they could keep me updated.


I received an SMS 36 hours in saying issue still be resolved and if I have any queries to either email them or reply to the SMS.


Well firstly why would I send them an email when I could not receive any email that they may respond with.


Secondly I sent numerous replies to the SMS and not once did I get a reply


Your customer service is just not good enough


Hi @pelli69


We take feedback seriously and are always looking to improve our business.


Are you still experiencing issues with your TPG email?


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number for us to look into it further.




Level 3

10:58 am Perth WA.


Email came back on Friday night.  Yesterday (Saturday) I received a load of backdated emails (presumably the backlong).

Today, Sunday - the same issue again.  When using Outlook I am getting the same timed out message as previous and am unable to receive or send any emails.  

So I have had some resumption of normal service, but now it is down again.

I make that FIVE days of email interuption.      


Hi @hammer,


There was an intermittent email login issue, earlier which was investigated by our Engineering team.


It is already resolved.


Are you able to check your emails once again?




Level 2

I did not get my email back up until late Saturday despite engineers saying all users where reconnected. 4 DAYS of NO EMAIL. Not happy, Jan. I have been a client of TPG for over 25 years, but the ongoing failures I have had in accessing the postoffice server over the last 6 months (IMHO of 40 years in I.T.) indicate most likely it has been working to 85% capacity. Results in stressed system when usage spikes occur. Latest crash will occur again if more resources have not been allocated :-(  (TIO complaint lodged).

Level 3

Thank you.  It is working again now.


Level 3

It's day 5 of interruptions for me now. 

I sent you my account details via PM.

I have even tried changing my password as you suggested. Nothings works!

I still cannot get into my email at TPG Post Office.