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[Update] TPG Email Outage

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@cofu wrote:
Lost email during time down...where are they...class actiin now!!!

Count me in please

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@yay wrote:

Mr David Teoh.   Well well. TPG. I've been a user of an email service for 20 years, yes 20 years, AND that DOESN'T end  in, so, the TPG moderator is incorrect here as regards his description. Chariot customers are also affected. From my understanding this Outage has affected people in a number of states, so you should have said that it was a NATIONAL OUTAGE, given that people in WA, Qld, NSW, SA etc have been affected. And where was the back-up plan to cope with this problem? Clearly, after more than 48 hours, the back-up plan has failed to materialise.

Further, a phone call on 29/8/2019 with a 35 minute wait, allowed me to be told that it would have been repaired by 19:30(AEST) 29/8. Clearly it wasn't.

Then a call on the following morning (7:50AEST; 30/8) with a 47-minute wait, provided even less information, the 'phone operator, somewhat imperiously, indicating that he had no information to assist me and basically encouraged me to "just wait it out".

No doubt if you wanted money from me (not that you ever have as I am ALWAYS paid up in advance,) no doubt, there would not be any wait. Your TPG website suggests repairs by 17:00(AEST) on 30/8. You appear to have lasped there yet again.

This performance is really THIRD WORLD standard. I am currently running ADSL2+, and the NBN has arrived in our district two weeks ago. Contemplate Mr Teoh, when it comes to selecting an NBN network, do you really expect me to choose TPG for such a service?

Clearly, performance here is disgraceful. No internet service for more than 48 hours? Contemplate Mr Teoh, people who suffer from medcial conditions who need hospital's confirmation of medication required, people who have a booking for a train, bus, aeroplane (the list goes on), and people who just wish to communicate, people who may have, previously contemplated self-harm, but who are being "skippered" by someone with an interest (Beyond Blue), and then finding "that there is nobody at the end of the line"! FOR TWO DAYS, Mr Teoh!!

And for others who derive an income by use of email services. How do you compensate for this situation?


And your response

"We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused to our valued customers by this outage.".

At this stage Mr Teoh, the words of John McEnroe ring in my ears "Are you serious?"

This is an outrage!! Clearly, a disaster for which all users are currently paying! And very little information was posted (not even accurately) on the TPG Community webpage.

And now, whilst writing this, I note that the service MAY have come back on, and the promised "ALL EMAILS WILL BE SENT TO USERS", just proves to be entirely incorrect. For more than two days, I HAVE LOST ALL INCOMING MESSAGES!


I ask you Mr Teoh, apart from taking patrons' payments for this national outage, personally, do you care as long as the ASX stock price doesn't dip too far below $6.66. Hmm, interesting number eh Mr Teoh. Not a very popular number in Eastern circles! You are getting paid for it and the patrons are being scrxxed. Do you think this is fair?

And I'm back to the point about back-up!! Why was there nothing happening here?
Truly shameful.


And all messages are lost over this more than two-day outage. Clearly, Mr Teoh, this sounds very much like some sort of action to be directed to TPG.

Or maybe Mr Teoh, you are sitting in your well-protected house somewhere, counting your money.
Always the way.

Don't be surprised if people choose another internet provider.

When it comes to my shortly-connected NBN service, I certainly will.

Very very disappointing Mr Teoh.





Best summary and comment on the debacle

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For three whole days, I've had no email and tpg, instead of taking responsibility and apologising for their stuff up, they have given a pissweak apology while ignoring the fact that they have nomback up plans and now so many of us that rely on emails for our business, go on with no emails for three whole days and there is no guarantee this problem will be fixed soon.  This is not good enough guys and nor is it acceptable that we pay for a service and you fail to provie that service...

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Pathetic! TPG got caught out, unprepared for a disaster. Is it Mumbai or Manila trying to fix the problem.  I am a contractor and have lost income because I could not access my client emailed work orders.

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Also not working from Toowoomba or Roma. I just registered so there may have been some updates I've missed. That said TPG need to advise whaty you're doing to implement resilience/redundancy into your system(s) to avoid the whole class of issues represented by this particular outage. What would the situation have been if you're data centre had been taken down? If you have fail-over provision to another data centre in that case you better have such fail-over provision for your email systems by this time next week at the latest.

This is only a secondary account for me but it's my wife's primary account. Imagine the cost for those who use your email systems for business. I'd like to be the lawyer handling that class action suit.


PS "... all customers should, in stages over the next 24 hours, be able to send and receive emails." Starting when? 1100 hrs 30/08/2019?

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I just discovered this community noticeboard. After guessing that email was out for two days, with no notification whatsoever, it was nice to see that what I suspected is actually an outage. Not good though!


As a loyal customer for 15+ years (so long I can't actually remember) of ADSL, ASDL2+, NBN and separate email account, I think my wife is finally ready to admit the email account is a rubbish service with miniscule storage, terrible security and poor spam protection. TPG's attitude to NBN, both security and speed, seems equally poor but I'll leave that to another time/forum


The TPG email service seems to have changed little in the last 10 years and is now incredibly outdated. Let's hope this is a wake up call to fix it otherwise I predict you'll lose customers in droves




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why does tpg support status say 'no issue reported' when I still can't access our email account after 48 hours???!!!  

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I'm thinking not all non email has been restored yet as my realy old via Chariot is still unavailable? Unfortunately for TPG I think a number of us will probably now look at other options in the future.
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As of the 31/8/19 I still can't log into my emails, now it keeps saying I've entered the wrong username and/or password, this is not the case as I haven't changed them, can you tell me why???

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1. TPG support says will be back 5pm thursday - FAIL
2. TPG support says outage fixed friday 9:29pm - FAIL AGAIN
TPG has lost all credibility and is continuing to waste customers time and money...