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[Update] TPG Email Outage

Level 2
Hi, yet to receive some important emails that were sent friday? Are they yet to be delivered?
Level 3

2 hrs is an Inconvience.  3 days is JOKE.  Have been with TPG since 2001.   Always has been too much hassle to change my domian host and emails etc.


Not now Mr Teoh!!   Your companies complete lack of empathy has shown your true colours.  Smiley Mad

Level 3

Hello tpg, I would like to inform you that we still cannot login to our email account! Your service status page says that there is 'no issue reported', does this mean that we are the only customers still affected? Please can you tell me when this issue will be resolved? This is the 3rd day that we have not been able to access our email.

Level 3

I am still unable to log in ??? .... am on Central Coast is now days since I have been able to get my emails ...the email outage is supposed to be fixed ?

... this is the message I get ??

Error: Invalid Username and/or Password. Please check and try again."
Are you on Central coast NSW too ????
Level 3

Main reason I decline alll offers to go paperless mail 

Level 2

I also can not access emails and receive a tpg postoffice logon error;


Error: Invalid Username and/or Password. Please check and try again."


I can log onto my account however.


Outer east of Melbourne


This issue has still not been resolved


Level 3

Ditto, seems like TPG have messed up a lot of business, missed emails, orders, bookings etc etc etc ... are they never to be retrieved TPG? What are you doing to compensate all the users of your failed system and loss of business?

Level 2

Still no log in for TPG email at Brisbane since Wednesday, TPG current service status for email is "No Issue reported" however this is simply not true at all. Can you guys just fix this or give the customers an explanation on what  is really happening. This is simply not good enough for a company like TPG and is surprising and shocking how bad the service has been here!

Level 2

TPG Adelaide - Both my accounts came up last night but one is down again this morning. Service Status is showing No Issue Reported.

Only one of the emails forwarded to my TPG accounts over the outage period has been delivered.



Level 3

No sign of email being fixed in Brisbane. No emails yet and couldn't log in last night or this morning - at least for us

"No Issue Reported" is not correct at this stage because it ain't fixed yet.

Can someone at TPG please update status with accurate information?