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[Update] TPG Email Outage

Level 2
I am missing emails. Will they be delivered? Very unhappy with TPG service atm
Level 3

I think the update on the outage needs to be updated with a realistic resolution date and time.

Level 2
So I have started receiving emails but I am missing emails from Wednesday afternoon, all of Thursday and possibly some from Friday. Can you please advise when these will come through? I am waiting on urgent ones which I need answers from before Monday.

This is extremely inconvenient and mind boggling as to how a company this size has allowed such a disaster to occur without any backup or contingency plans. What will we be compensated?

A detailed answer would be appreciated as would all of my missing emails.

Level 3

Tried to ring TPG about my continuing email outage Central Coast NSW ....but only got to voicemail ..almost feel they are going to have an outage with overload of phonecalls, anyhow was advised to email them Smiley Frustrated

Still unable to log into my TPG email account  Smiley FrustratedMan FrustratedCat FrustratedWoman FrustratedRobot Frustrated

Level 2

In Cairns (QLD) - no email since Wednesday and still not working now.  


There are definitely still issues despite the status showing that everything is all good.


TPG need to get this sorted and quickly - 5 days is beyond ridiculous.

Level 2

Saturday 31 August am recieving emails, cannot login to webmail & have lost any emails from Thursday completely. So what is your reply to this, any apologies are useless, what happened to your backup systerm?

As a computer technician if I did not havea bacvkup system in place for my clients and their system was out for 3 days I would be looking for new clients, thats if I still had a business. NOT good enough TPG. Get you support bak on Australian soil and employ Australian's that speak English that we can understans.

Level 2

Almost 36 hours now and still can't log into the TPG post office and when I try I receive an "invalid username or password" message but I can still log into my TPG account.

Seriously TPG, $70 a month for this?

Level 2

Saturday 14:00 in Melb. Still cannot access email - invalid passwords everywhere.

This is a debacle.

I deleted aliases, created new mailboxes, all because THERE WAS NO NOTIFICATION on the main web page. This is totally outrageous.

Level 2

so finally i can receive emails BUT where are the emails I should have received during the outage ie Thursday and Friday's mail??

Level 3

TPG Brisbane: No email and not possible to login to web email for 3 days. No indication that end is in sight.


I've had no problem logging into TPG NBN account nor NBN account post office at during this whole time but separate dedicated TPG email account is still out of action and has been for at least three days now. Defeats the purpose of having a TPG mail account.


If TPG can't fix the problem can they at least be truthful on Status pages? Current Status page has "No issue" and last 24 hours has "Resolved issue" which is preposterous.


On Resolved issue page:

Update: Friday 30 August 2019 9:29 PM AEST
Engineers have restored all mailboxes.


But it didn't work at 10pm last might and still doesn't






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Email No Issue reported
Advanced Post Office No Issue reported
SPAM and Junk Filter No Issue reported


LAST 24 Hours Status page:

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Email Resolved Issue
Advanced Post Office No Issue reported
SPAM and Junk Filter No Issue reported