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Upgrading Telstra Provided Modem to something more BYO

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 Firstly I have FTTN, the Exchange is very close to my house around 250 meters you cut through the streets.

I have the Telstra Smart Modem DJA0230 right now, I am paying for the 100mbps plan but only get around 68 it kinda caps out at 68 and Telstra ain't doing **. So I was wondering if this provided router could be a bottle neck? Could just be my lines.  But anyway would getting a dedicated modem help? I am in the process of Networking my house so I this would also be a nice excuse to get a dedicated router and stuff as well lol

Any help would be appreciated  

Level 15

Hi @audreyspency .

With FTTN, your phone line goes to a node, not necessarily the exchange. So distance may be greater than 250m; they don't cut corners. When you were connected, you should have been advised of what speed you would get.
Another user provided a graph of speed v. distance from node.


Someone on the internet provided an unofficial manual for this device. It doesn't mention VLAN ID setting but it must be in the router because it is working on your FTTN connection which does use that setting.
Look at DSL link status. It shows max and current up and down speeds on the phone line and other characteristics.
You might have a low quality line. Can't say if a new router would help.
This article has a down speed calculator based on line attenuation:


Regarding networking your house, are you going to run ethernet cables throughout the house? Run a cable from each room back to a point near the router to a patch panel.