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Upload speed to slow at 0.3mbps

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My upload speed has been extremely slow lately. I ran a test (see attached) which came back at 0.3mbps. What should the upload speed be on my plan? As this is ridiculously slow. I am on the basic bundle $60 a month plan. I am using the modem that was supplied by TPG.Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 11.16.17 am.png

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Hi @82nick02 . Use the speed test on TPG's support page. It shows down and up speeds. Use a computer connected by cable to router. If only wifi device, run test close to the router.

Login to My Account, Plan & Contract details. It shows your NBN connection type and the plan speed.

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Thank you @david64 


I am on the:

NBN FTTN Broadband SL Bundle Standard Plan. The TPG speed test came back as an upload speed of 0.8 mbps This is using Wifi close to my modem. Is there any way for me to increase this speed? 

Thanks for your help. 

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Hi @82nick02 . What NBN speed plan are you on? NBN12, NBN25,...?

Which wifi band are you using for the test, 2.4G or 5G?

With FTTN, speed is affected by distance from node. Login to your router's admin system. Look at the DSL info. It shows the max and current up and down speeds on the telephone line to the node, and other characteristics. A line fault could stop the router from getting full speed.

Ping time of 54 ms is too slow in any case.


Hi @82nick02


We'd like to check what can be done to improve your speeds. 


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