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Upload speed was 0-0.8 MBPS consistently all day.

Level 2

Work day at home under lockdown was basically ruined.

I'm on the 59.99 unlimited plan. Rang TPG was told there would be a 40 minute wait. Currently expecting a call at 9:20. Not happy TPG. Seriouly contemplating leaving for Aussie Broad Band first thing tomorrow morning.

Level 8

Hi @5740613 The up/down speeds on the plan you're on are set by the NBN, if you're on NBN 12 it's 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

The result of your speedtest is typical, you should be using an Ethernet connection for the most accurate result.

Even the browser used can account for a 0.2 Mbps difference, for example at that speed Firefox on a Windows 10 PC will usually report 200 Kbps lower speed than Edge Chromium on the same PC.

Level 2

We faced a day where we couldn't send files of 60 meg unless we waited for an hour. Somethine was wrong. Surely even at those speeds this should not have been happening.


Hi @5740613


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We were able to locate your account and can confirm that you are under the NBN12/1 speed tier.

The Upload speed that you get is within range of your NBN plan. If you want more upload speed, then you may upgrade your plan to our NBN50 speed tier that is configured with 20 Mbps Upload speed.


We've created an article that will guide you on how to change your NBN plan online.

How to Change NBN Plan Online via TPG My Account



Level 14

Hi @5740613 . If you are sending from a Windows computer, you can use the Networking tab in Task Manager to see what speed Windows is sending the file, measured in bytes. If a speed test shows 800,000 bits/sec, allowing a generous 10 bits per byte gives 80,000 bytes/sec. Your 60MB file should send in 15 minutes. You need to ensure that no other devices (ethernet/wifi) and that no other Windows processes are transferring. A slow transfer speed might be caused by the server at the other end or network congestion. You could ping and tracert the remote server from time to time to check for network delays.