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Using Billion Router [Billion 8900AX-2400] for NBN FTTC

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Dear TPG Support,

We were using our existing Billion 8900AX-2400 for our previous ADSL2+ internet. However, as we now are successfully on NBN FTTC, the TPG router we were provided with is only giving us a maximum speed of approximately 12mbp/s, using the  TPG speed test. Previously, we were able to reach 15/16 mbp/s. 


So we would like to test our Billion router to compare the speeds. 

Could you please assist by giving the necessary and correct settings in the Billion interface to have it configured to NBN FTTC? Another member said I had to utilise VLAN2 and PPPoE. 

Thank you, 

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Hi @huynhmik . The settings are PPPoE, username + and password.

(Compare with the TPG router.)

You also need to set VLAN ID=2 (compare with TPG router).

802.1p priority=0, 802.1q VLAN ID=2.


What NBN speed did you buy? (NBN12, 25, 50, 100)

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Hi @david64,
Do I need to adjust any settings under DSL?
I am going under the WAN tab and edit the PPe connection?

For the time being, we are using NBN25 as we have just migrated from ADSL2+ after the last two months awaiting for NBN transition.

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With the TPG router, both settings were showing -1.
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@huynhmik . In WAN Service, WAN port should be ethernet to connect to the white NBN box.

Usually, values of -1 mean the VLAN tagging is not being used. On Billion, leave as -1. With FTTC, this would mean you are on the BYO router data only plan (no VOIP phone service).

The bundled NBN/VOIP plan does use VLAN tagging.


Regarding speed, are you using ethernet computer? What upload speed are you getting?


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Many thanks @david64, we have the bundled NBN with TPG landline service. But now that you mentioned it, this could be another cause since we haven't checked the landline properly - we have been just purely focused on getting the WAN to work on the Billion.

When we try it out, NBN box is connected properly to landline socket and to the Billion router using EWAN (Ethernet cable). A LAN port uses another ethernet cable from the Billion to my PC. Connection to Billion interface works as normal. I go to Quick Start, then choose Ethernet as main connection, it will then show PPPoE and tje login fields. The WAN connection configures but then fails. And this is the scenario right now over several attempts.

If I have to adjust other settings like when I go into the different settings for the PPP.1 or 2 (or delete any?), Please let me know. Or, only allow the WAN setting for the DNS on the left side and move everything else on the right side...
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@huynhmik . Are all 4 lights lit on the NBN box? 4th one might flash.

What is the state of the EWAN light and Internet light and DSL light on the Billion?

If you are on NBN/VOIP plan, then VLAN ID=2, even though the phone cannot be used. Don't understand why it would be -1.

Any time you select an interface, it must be the ethernet  WAN connection, whatever that is called.

The DNS addresses are got from TPG when the router connects.

Don't worry about IPv6.

Shouldn't have to delete any interfaces; just leave the unused ones disabled.

Do you have the manual?


When you say "The WAN connection configures but then fails", what do you mean?


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Hi @david64 ,

Many thanks for helping me late yesterday. I managed to get it to successfully work - thank you.
So after the Quick Start config using the Billion interface, the WAN configuration will fail. However, when you enter into the WAN connection specification, you have to manually enter in the values of 0 and 2 for the priority and ID (as you had aforementioned). Once you apply the settings, I reverted back to the Status page and amazingly, I saw the connection with uptime/IP address. And when I looked at the actuall Billion router, the Internet indicator turned on. Great.

So we are on the NBN 25 plan but the house reaches only a maximum speed of 13 mbp/s. I had hoped it was going to be higher. 

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@huynhmik . Regarding your speed, have you removed the adsl filters? Nothing else plugged into phone outlets?

Speed test done on ethernet computer?

What are ping response times to router and

On the TPG speed test, do the down and up progress graphs go smoothly?

What upload speed do you get?

TPG might have wrong settings for your connection.

There'a chance your phone line is connected to the NBN cable and to the cable back to the exchange; can cause low speed.

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  • No ADSL line filters anymore 
  • Phone socket was replaced as brand-new by NBN technician which connects directly to NBN box
  • Router and WAN port connections working normally
  • NBN box all lights on
  • Internet working but slower than expected download speeds