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Using a switch with my Music streamer and player

Level 2

My music streamer and player when connected via ethernet to an unmanaged switch (TP Link TL SG105M2)  and from the switch to the VR1600v, can't seem to obtail a valid IP address in the 192.168.1. xx  variety and thus is not recognised on my network.

When the rj45 is connected directly to the VR1600 and after some rebooting of the streamer and sometimes the VR1600, a usable IP address is obtained and music can be streamed.

This happens even when addresses are reserved in the advanced LAN settings in the VR1600.

I would prefer to use the switch, is there some software setting I can use to force the VR1600 to recognise the streamer and player?






Level 15

Hi @gsm75967 . Do you have a computer you can connect through the switch to test its compatibility? 

The switch ports are supposed to auto-negotiate down to 1Gbps to suit the VR1600.

Level 2

The 5 switch ports  seem to be OK they are all active.One from the 1600v, another connects directly to an iMac in the same room, another to a DLink FGS 005A unmanaged switch in another room, 2 ports from that then connect to an Apple TV and another music streamer, they work well no problems, all three get valid IP addresses.


Do you think if I had a managed switch, would it allow me to see the problem? Is there a way to manipulate the  DHCP server in the 1600v to provide valid addresses to the first music streamer and player? The player gets its address through the streamer. The streamer's firmware is the latest.

Trying ddress reservation for the wired devices works fine for the iMac, Apple TV etc but not for the first music streamer and player.


I only got the TPLink 2.5G switch as I was going to setup a Deco X20 Mesh Wi Fi  system for all the iPads and Laptops from the remaining port.


In the end its not critical as I can always stream using a port on the 1600v, it would just be neater in the room to have all the cables from the switch.




Level 15

@gsm75967 . What is the model of this streamer/player? 

Is it a new one or have you had it for some time?

Is it the same model as the other?

Have you tried it in the other switch, just for compatibility.

Is there anything in the router's system log when you try to connect the streamer? Should be DHCP messages.