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Using a third party router for NBN FTTP


We believe that the settings for Netgear D7000v1 and Netgear D7000v2 are almost the same.


Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the following settings are properly configured:


Multiplexing Method : LLC Based
VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Encapsulation : PPoE
Login: Your TPG Account Username
Password: Your TPG Account Password


You need to make sure that the TPG account details are correct. You can verify it by logging in to TPG My Account :


You may send us a screenshot of the modem's interface so we can double check.

Level 2

So I did a full factory reset, let the D7000v1 reboot and the Wizard took over, put my UN and PW in and it worked! Online with it now, Speedtest was great. 

I went to the Internet settings page and the multiplexing Method is now set to 'VC-Based', VPI8, VCI35, PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Auto DNS, NAT Enabled, Router MAC is Use Default Address, Transfer Mode is ADSL(ATM), DSL Mode is Auto. 


Go figure! 


That's wonderful news, @GavinLong!


I'm glad that you're able to set your router up and thanks for keeping us in the loop and providing the settings for others to possibly emulate.