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Using a third party router for NBN FTTP

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Does TPG allow customers to use a third party router ? I have a Netgear Nighthawk D7000 currently not being used but when i try to set it up as a new router I can't get it working. 

Just wondering if TPG lock down thier service to the supplied router ?

*Edit* When I connect the router to the NTD (white box) and type in the login in adress the router login dosn't load.


Hi @Hardy,


Try to follow the troubleshooting on this thread. Connect Asus RT-AC88U to Huawei HG659


Let me know how it will go.



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Hi @Shane


I have a look at the thread.


I was on another forum last night and I was told to press the reset button on the NTD to set up a new router. Just wondering what is lost in the reset ?


Does the NTD have a configuration like a router ? 


If I do reset it does it require a NBN tech to come out and reconfigure ?


Hi @Hardy,


It is okay to push the reset button of the NBN NTD box. You do not need to configure anything on it's end it is just like 'refreshing/turning on and off' the connection of the box.

You can visit this thread in case you will need additional reference NBN FTTP Setup - General Setup.



Let me know should you require further assistance. Smiley Happy


Hi @Hardy,


Apologies, I overlooked the link I have provided to you. You can use a 3rd party router as long as it is compatible with the NBN FTTP service or the router is NBN compatible.