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Very Slow ADSL+2 Home Phone Internet Speed

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I am using ADSL2+ Home phone service for last 01 year using

TPLink Modem(300Mbps Wireless N USB VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model No. TD-W9970) without using phone line. My location is Sydney(South West).


Though the service claims to provide the max. internet speed at this bundle package, but I used to get avg. internet speed for last 11 months at about 6Mbps(evening) & 4Mbps(Day time) because of two probable reasons;

1) copper line for phone connection--as they always have this excuse whenever i spoke to them about troubleshooting the internet problem.

2) Modem(not supporting 20Mbps trasfer rate)

However, for the last one month i am experiencing consistent connection drop out and very slow frustrating internet speed(@ 1.5 Mbps avg.). 


I have already tried checking these mentioned below options;

1) real time service status in my area(not listed for any maintenance planned/breakdown)

2) checking internet speed sitting next to WIFI modem

3) using LAN cable 

4) switching channel in Basic setting from "Auto" to 6 & 11. 

5)Once i tried to upgrade to NBN and gave them a call and consent for it but did'nt hear back from them since then probably bcoz of phone line connection. 

6)I reached them for a check up visit 02 weeks before but no one showed up.And now this Covid19 made it worse for me to contact the technical support for the solution as they don't respond via phone call by putting on long hold and instead encourage to chat in a qeue of 150 ahead.


Can anyone guide/suggest me for an effective solution such as;

1. Complete Modem Settings as per my modem configuration and connection type.

2. Recommended hardware replacement solution.

3. Factory resetting (Modem Hardware &/or setup settings).


thanks for your patience & listening to me.