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Very slow ADSL2+

Level 1c

For probably 1.5-2 weeks now I’ve been experiencing very slow speeds all of a sudden.

I have not touched or changed any settings on my router nor have I changed any hardware. I’ve restarted my router a few time thru the week, to no avail. Please find my test speed results below.

Hi nightfury1,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


We had a look at your speed and it is very different from what you are getting. Have you tried to test the speed on a wired connection? Perhaps it is a Wi-Fi related issue.


We'll wait for your response.

Level 1c
Not sure what you mean by had a look at the speed and it isn’t what I am getting?

Affecting both Ethernet and Wifi, the TV connected via Ethernet can not stream at all.
Level 3

did you connect another phone or house alarm to another phone jack elsewhere in the house (other than modem point) ?


Hi @nightfury1 


Our test results show that your modem is able to detect a download speed of 10.2Mbps from the line. You can also view this when you log in to your modem settings page.


For us to better understand what's affecting your connection speed, can you run a speedtest and post a screenshot of your results here? We suggest running the test via this site: Make sure to run the test using a computer hardwired to the modem. Rerun the test again, but ensure that all other devices are disconnected from the modem (WIFI or ethernet).



Level 1c
Just got home, internet speed is back to normal now

Thank you

Glad to hear that @nightfury1 


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Feel free to leave a message if you need further assistance.