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Very slow upload speed on ADSL2+

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I'm in Toowong, just down the road.  I have exactly the same problem.


Download speed and consistency is fine.


Upload is basically not functioning.  I attempt to upload a 200 kb file and it fails every time.  


I'm tethered to my phone atm.


Hi @djsjukur


Thank you for your response.


I requested for one of our Sr Technicians to contact you before 6PM QLD time for us to properly address your concerns. They will contact you on the mobile number listed on your account.


If you have a preferred contact number or wants a specific time to contact you, please send me a PM so I can notify them.


For your reference on how to send a PM:




Hi @Lj24


Welcome to the Community! 


I managed to run remote test our end and it shows that the line speed you are currently getting is acceptable based on your distance from the exchange. It is ranging between 14-15Mbps respectively.


Were you able to perform any basic troubleshooting? Did you try testing the speed using wired or wireless connection? 


If possible, have the speedtest done over wired connection preferably through a laptop and disconnect other device(s) so we would know the actual speed you are getting on your end. 


Otherwise, let us know of your best contact time & number via private message so we can organise a call back to be made from our Technical Team for assistance. 





Got your PM, @Lj24


It seemed that we need to check and isolate whether this is a wireless connection issue. I will organise a contact to be made tomorrow, 15 February between 4PM - 5PM QLD. Should you have another preferred time, please do let us know so we can inform our Technical Team. 


Meanwhile, I would recommend having a read on some of our Community articles about Wi-Fi at home: 

Feel free to let us know should you have further queries. 




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Hi Will,

it's happening again.

- 12Feb am: 0-0.01 kbps upload speed. D/L was normal.

- 14 Feb am: u/l & d/l back to normal

- 15 Feb am: TPG field engineer came over, working on the MDF with cable jumper

- 20 Feb pm - now: 0kbps U/L speed


Test speed using Huawei HG532d and TPlink archer VR600v2, connected via RJ45 to my pc, similar results.

Now sending this message using my cellphone hotspot.

Could you help please. Thank you.


Hi @djsjukur,


Thanks for keeping us updated @djsjukur, your current upload speed seems to be unusual though upon checking on your connection, I am seeing a good upload connection speed being transmitted on your modem. 


We'd love to arrange a call back for your  account, please let us know your preferred time of contact and we'll be in touch. Thanks.