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I am signing up for NBN, but don't need the voice service. Is there an option for this as we are content using our mobile phones. Should I withdraw the Customer Service Guarantee waiver agreement?


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The NBN service that we offer is sold as a bundle plan which includes the homephone service.

You are not required and you have the option not to plug in a handset if you do not intend to use the homephone. No minimum call spend is required and line rental is already included as part of your bundle service.


TPG Bundled services are provided under a customer service guarantee waiver, this allows us to continue providing great value services to all customers. The customer service guarantee mandates that monetary compensation be paid for delays in installing home phone services or repairing of faults within certain time frames. Waiving the CSG simply means waiving any monetary compensation for these specific circumstances should they ever apply. We will always look to connect services and repair reported faults in the fastest possible time for our customers.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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