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I have new HP printer and tried to connect via wifi because I have important documents to print out but it keep saying invalid password but i'm sure that i'm typing in the correct one because my phone and laptop is working fine. any help please??

My mom used to have the same issue when it comes to her wifi password.
Until one day, I changed her password to pure numeric instead of alpha numeric.That solved her issues with her wifi password.

Turns out she often forget the caps when typing her password
Hi heart,

I would suggest speaking to HP.

I had an envy with the same issue. I racked my brains to try to figure it out only thing that worked for me is to replace it as it was faulty.

My new envy works fine but I'm sure the support guys will assist with basic and advanced printer configurations and troubleshooting that may fix most of the issues.

Other possibilities is that your modem doesn't support being made into a LAN gateway that will let you access other devices on the network.

This can be solved by checking if you see other devices being part of your network eg computers and maybe trying to access them via your network or home group.

If you can then go back to 1st point.

However , I would trying your luck with HP support and see how you go.

Best of luck,

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Follow this step

  1. Make sure you're connected to your Sky Broadband home network.
  2. Open a new web browser window.
  3. In the address bar, type and press Enter.
  4. Select Change Wireless Password in the right hand menu. ...
  5. Enter the default router settings username and password in lowercase.