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Want to cancel online submitted moving house order

Level 2

The options that TPG provide to establish a move of services between a new and old house is terrible. Furthermore the call centre is understaffed - I waited over 1hr on hold and eventually hung up.


Feel sorry for the poor contact centre staff that have to work in these conditions where they are likely taking call after call of angry customers because the overarching services the company provides are so difficult and poor.


I do not want to use my order I placed as there was no option to advise of the connection/disconnection dates for the service at the different locations.


How do i cancel this order? I will be contacting the ombudsman for appropriate reimbursement if this is not actioned promptly (and my service is started either early or my current location service is disconnected too early).


Welcome to TPG Community,

Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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Level 2

Hi Peter - 


Thanks for the quick response and organising a phone call. Someone did call, but unfortunately I was in the middle of a meeting and could not answer it. They left a number which took me back to the main phone queue (I waited over 1hr on hold yesterday with no answer). I will send you another PM to organise another phone call at a block of time I will be available to answer.


In the interim - if you could please communicate to the team I don't want my order (or any charges to proceed). This is notification within my Cooling Off Period - as I have been unable to talk to someone to advise this - and I want a track record of this in case of needing to goto the ombudsman.


Thanks for your help so far.