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What is Going On with 5G? Extremely poor customer service experience

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Hi, I've been a long term customer of TPG (Approx. 15 year?)

In approx. Feb of last year I was called (unsolicited) by your team and strongly encouraged to switch from my NBN connection (which was working fine) to a 5G Wireless account.

This was promoted strongly as being cheaper & faster, but continues to prove unreliable


Since moving to 5G connections have been extremely inconsistent, dropping out often...

I called TPG support on this early on who helped somewhat in splitting the network into a separate 5G and a 2.4G wi-fi

But none the less connection issues have remained and we have persevered...


Today the 7th May 2023, marks a new low in my experience with TPG


Call 1 : I called the technical team for support given continued drop outs at approx. 11 am

He told me to put a pin in the bottom of the modem and reset, which did little to fix the issues and deleted the separate 5G and a 2.4G wi-fi previously setup

I was told I should go back to the NBN and was transferred to someone to disconnect my account and switch to NBN


Call 2 : After being transferred to the person to disconnect, he said that I was handed off by only a "Level 1" technical person and told me going back to NBN would mean a whole new account.

On this note he said I would be called back by a higher grade technical person at 2:30PM


No one called at 2:30 but I had a missed call at 2:50


Call 3 : I returned the call that was missed and was told that there was nothing much to do and I should go back onto the NBN (which I had previously) and I would be charged more for this.

As you can imagine, being charged more for what I understand is a slower connection, after being encouraged by your team to move onto the 5G Wireless seems a bit odd.


Call 4: This person handed me onto someone from the engineering team who said I need a new modem and they would send one out (I have no confirmation or further info on this)



Please note the following

- I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with the customer service experience

- I want my wi-fi connection sorted out ASAP

- I will not be paying more money to revert to the NBN service that I was previously on and you encouraged me to upgrade from (I will pay less or walk)

- I expect compensation for this months bill, paying for a service that doesn’t work


- Please consider this "final notice" if this isn't sorted out in a timely fashion I will pursue an account with one of your competitors


Sort it out, don’t encourage customers to move onto faulty/unreliable connections.


Hi @jameswagland ,


Let us help check what causing issues with the service and get to the bottom of this. To better understand the situation, could you send us a PM with your details?


How to send a PM? 





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It is a common issue when you use Sagemcom 5G modem. If you change Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway3 modem, your internet will be stable forever.


TPG used to assign Nokia modem, but now TPG doesn't. This is because TPG has free Sagemcom modem for collaborate of promotion with Sagemcom. TPG does not want to ship you Nokia modem anymore. TPG internet, therefore, drops out at least 4 times everyday and I have restart at least 4 times everyday. TPG's customer service representative Ms Rosalyn is very stubborn. TPG's previous shipping team promised to ship me Nokia modem, but Rosalyn refused to ship me Nokia modem. The internet experience in TPG is the worst in Australia, followed by Telstra. Optus is the best in quality internet, because Optus uses Nokia modem.


Vodafone's internet is better than TPG, albeit Vodafone is a branch company of TPG. TPG's Rosalyn said TPG and Vodafone uses the same signal towers, but Vodafone said TPG and Vodafone use different signal towers. After trying Vodafone, the dropping out times of Vodafone are less than TPG.


Therefore, for stability, Optus 5G is number one, Vodafone is followed. TPG is the worst.


Don't trust TPG's advertisement. TPG said the first month is free of charge, but TPG still charges you. I lodged a dispute with TIO.