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What to Expect During Your Technician Appointment Visit

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Types of Technician Appointments


There are two reasons for a TPG Technician visit:


  1. Installation of your TPG service. For NBN or ADSL/ADSL2+ service installations, the technician coming to your home is from our wholesaler (NBN Co or Telstra). For TPG FTTB service installations, the technician will be a TPG employee/contractor.
  2. Service Fault. Depending on the issue, the technician coming to your home could be a TPG employee/contractor or a representative NBN Co or Telstra.


Appointment Window


All appointments will have a window which the technician is expected to arrive. This window is usually 4 hours, such as 8am - 12pm. 





If you are reading this and you are currently within your appointment window and your technician has not arrived, click below.



If you are reading this and your appointment window has passed and your technician has not arrived, click below.



If your appointment date and time is in the future, please keep reading.



What to Expect During a Technician Home Visit


What will usually happen during the appointment:


  • When the technician arrives, they will ask about the location of any wall outlets (phone sockets) and where your modem is located.
  • The technician will complete their work at your premises. This may involve testing your wall outlets, installing equipment for your new service, testing your internet connection within the premises and outside the premises or connecting a laptop or other equipment to your telephone cables. 
  • The technician will let you know when they're finished and advise you of any issues or next steps, if applicable

What you can do to ensure the appointment goes smoothly:


  • You or a person 18 years of age or above must be on the premises for the technician visit. If you've nominated an alternate person to be present, let us know the name and contact number of this person so we can reach them
  • Please ensure you are home for the duration of your Appointment Window and your can hear your phone ring / door buzzer / door knock.
  • Make sure your modem is connected to power and powered ON for the duration of the appointment
  • Before the technician arrives, make sure they will have easy access to all of your sockets and your modem. Examples of wall sockets/outlets:image.png


  • Please advise the technician if you have a back-to-base alarm system, another internet connection within the property or Medical Alert equipment that is reliant on the line.
  • If you live in an apartment or unit block, the technician may require access to the telecommunications room (Main Distribution Frame or MDF room) of your building. Strata or building management may need to provide you with a key to the telecommunications room.


Safety Reminders


  • Advise the technician of any safety issues such as asbestos, trip hazards or recent pest treatments.
  • For safety reasons, the technician must wear shoes at all times.
  • Advise the technician of any animals or children on the property. Confine animals to another section of the property for the duration of the visit. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I get an earlier date for the technician visit?

We always provide the earliest possible appointment window.

For NBN or ADSL/ADSL2+ installations, this appointment window is the earliest provided to us by our wholesaler NBN or Telstra. 


Is there any fee for the technician visit?
Usually there is no fee for the technician visit (aside from any installation fee you paid when you registered with TPG).

In some special circumstances a TPG technician may offer you new modem or telephone socket if yours is faulty, which may or may not have a cost. The technician will discuss all your options with you. Any charges will be applied to your TPG account. Technicians will never ask you to give them money.


Can I reschedule an installation technician visit?

To request a reschedule of your service installation appointment, click here.


Can I cancel or reschedule a fault technician visit?

Yes. To reschedule or cancel a fault appointment, call our scheduling team on 02 8960 9812.

How long do I wait for the technician?

The technician can arrive any time within your appointment window. For example, if you have an appointment window of 8am - 12pm, the technician could arrive at 8am or at 12pm or anywhere in between. The job may not necessarily be completed by the end of the appointment window, but most appointments are completed within half an hour. 


I waited for the technician then found out he did the work without coming to my door

In some cases for installation appointments, the technician is able to complete the work without needing to enter your premises. This is because they can complete the installation at your local telephone exchange or in the street. Unfortunately the technician does not know in advance if this will be the case for your premises. We appreciate you making yourself available for the appointment window in case the technician did need to enter your premises to complete the work.

Can the technician call me before they arrive?

In most cases, unfortunately this is not possible.

  • For NBN installation appointments only, if requested in advance the technician may be able to call on approach 30 minutes before arrival.
  • For fault appointments, if you have requested it in advance, the technician may be call you when they are on the way to your home.


 If you are within the appointment window and technician has not arrived yet

  • Please wait until the end of your appointment window before contacting us
  • The technican can arrive for the job any time inside the technician window.
  • For NBN installation appointments only, if requested in advance the technician may be able to call on approach 30 minutes before arrival.
  • Unless you are contacted by the technican or TPG, the appointment should complete within the allotted appointment window
  • For installation appointments, TPG will SMS or Email you when the service installation has been completed.


→ If your appointment window has passed and the technician did not arrive


It's possible that the technician was able to complete the job without needing to enter your home. In rare cases the technician may be running late or our wholesaler (NBN Co or Telstra) was not able to complete the job.


Please first check your Email or SMS for any updates from TPG, then contact us so we can confirm the situation. 

  • For an NBN installation appointment: Call NBN Service Delivery on 1300 023 575
  • For all other installation appointments: Call our Installation Team on 1300 993 012
  • For a fault appointment: Call Help Desk 13 14 23 (Option 2)